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January 12, 2002 (micah)

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Lately carpman has been adding lots of fun goodies to the Pico/Linux distrobution, including: pgl-launcher, pgl-toolbar, and the new tpcal touchscreen calibrator. We will be uploading a new ROM soon with the new features.
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Pico/Linux's current logo is temporary. If you have an idea for a better one, or you have designed a logo for Pico/Linux, you can send it to Micah Dowty for incorporation into this web site.

If you would like to modify this logo or use it in a different medium, you can download a larger version or the GIMP XCF file.

If you're wondering about the name "Pico/Linux", I'm a Debian fan :)
In Debian GNU/Linux, GNU utilities provide the user interface, and Linux is the OS kernel itself. In Pico/Linux, PicoGUI provides the user interface, and Linux is the kernel.